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Electronic Cigarette Use among Irish Youth: A Cross Sectional Study of Prevalence and Associated Factors

Latest research conducted by the TFRI on the use of electronic cigarettes among young people in Ireland


Cigarette smoking trends in Ireland

Latest data collected by the HSE on key smoking patterns in Ireland in 2014:



Indoor Air Pollution and Health”

A report finding that tobacco smoke is the biggest home pollutant in Ireland. For full report:


“Reductions in Cardiovascular, Cerebrovascular, and Respiratory Mortality following the National Irish Smoking Ban: Interrupted Time-Series Analysis”

A study which shows that 3,726 smoking related deaths have been prevented in Ireland, since the introduction of the workplace smoking ban in March 2004.  For full report:


How smoke-free laws improve air quality: A global study of Irish pubs 

A study conducted between January 2004 and March 2006 on the air quality in smoke-free pubs and smoking-permitted pubs.  Results found that air pollution in Irish pubs was 93% lower in smoke-free pubs than in smoking permitted pubs.  Full report:


“Second hand smoke exposure in cars and respiratory health effects in Children.  Kabir, Z., Manning, P.J., Holohan, J., Keogan, S., Goodman, P.G. Clancy, L.  2009.

A report which found that one in seven Irish schoolchildren are exposed to second-hand smoking in cars.  For full report:



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