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ASH Ireland focuses on specific aims

ASH Ireland has very specific aims that direct its work towards the impact of disease, disability and death caused by tobacco use in Ireland. These aims help to maintain focus, motivation and direction.

  1. ASH Ireland aims to enhance the education of the public concerning all aspects of tobacco control and the harmful effects of all forms of tobacco and nicotine consumption.
  2. ASH Ireland encourages research to be conducted within Ireland into cigarette smoking and all forms of tobacco use. ASH Ireland also interprets and actively disseminates all relevant research to the general public, media and health professionals. This is the primary function of the Research Institute for a Tobacco Free Society (; of which ASH Ireland is a trustee.
  3. ASH Ireland will assist in preserving and protecting public health by participating in relevant public health campaigns.
  4. ASH Ireland will advocate for evidence-based measures to reduce the prevalence of tobacco use, such as eliminating all forms of tobacco advertising and promotion, and the implementation of an appropriate tobacco taxation policy.
  5. ASH Ireland will continue to campaign for smoke-free air for all, including in all workplaces, all public places, all forms of public transport and the home.
  6. ASH Ireland will assist in providing an action-oriented information resource, through a dedicated website, as well as conventional means where appropriate.
  7. ASH Ireland will assist to broaden the base and skills of individuals involved in tobacco control through proactive networking, nurturing and providing a leadership role for those individuals in tobacco control
  8. ASH Ireland will liase with relevant bodies internationally
  9. ASH Ireland will assist in the provision of any services in furtherance of the above objectives
  10. ASH Ireland will continually monitor the activities of the tobacco industry, and take action as it sees fit and necessary.

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