ASH Ireland’s response to a judgment by a court in the United States ordering RJ Reynolds cigarette company to pay $23.6bn to the wife of a smoker who died of lung cancer

“This court action and finding in the United States again finds the tobacco industry guilty of manufacturing and selling a product, which knowingly harms and kills people. Over 5,200 people die in Ireland each year form the harmful effects of smoking and €1 billion is spent annually treating tobacco related disease. It is well established that 1 in 2 people who smoke will die because of this. Any action which makes the Tobacco Industry responsible for the product it manufactures and markets so widely, is to be welcomed”.



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Smoking established as a major contributory factor to dementia

ASH Ireland feels it’s important to draw attention to a report published by the W.H.O. in June 2014, which confirms a specific link to smoking and dementia. 

This study, which reviewed publications dating back to 2007 provides us with a comprehensive assessment and a clear view on the dementia risk.  The report also confirms that up to 14% of Alzheimer’s disease cases can be attributed to smoking. 

Dementia is a disease of particular concern as there is no established cure.  It is estimated that 7.7 million new cases are diagnosed each year with the worldwide cost for treatment running in the order of US$604 billion annually. 

To date all in the health sector and wider society have been concerned about the established link between smoking and other diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer.  However, this confirmed link with dementia and smoking is of immense concern and should contribute to governments all around the world introducing more extensive and more stringent pro-health legislation.


For contact: ASH Ireland:  0818 305055

Wally Young, Young Communications:  087 2471520